i will be posting art of my characters from ryusei and other characters i created :) also random reblog post

Original character (オリジナル キャラクター)

kill la kill design i made

items are available here http://society6.com/ryusei

more fan art will be featured on my cosplay page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ichigo-Kuriimu-Cosplay-Page/1426890560873820


Kyoukai no Kanata (境界の彼方) ~ Mirai Kuriyama (栗山 未来)


Shiro nuri lolita (Minori inspired)

  • OP Infanta
  • Shoes An tai na
  • Blouse offbrand
  • Cape handmade

Model: Kitsumi

Photo/Retouch: BlackMokona

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A while ago someone asked to see more photos from the Sinbad’s Harem shoot that we did with Tora-rin and SNTP forever ago. I had been meaning to do edits but never really got to it (partially because I didn’t want to flood the net with similar poses and angles etc…).

Anyway! Here they are so… enjoy?

Purple Harem Girl by MeRed/Gold Harem Girl Supernovadobe
Sinbad by Tora-Rin

Photos and some edits by SNTP
Most of the edits by Me



So it’s just recently come to my attention that everybody’s current favorite, Sheinside, has stolen quite a number of my original images and has felt so inclined to poorly toss them into a hodge-podge mess of what I’d like to call a “Kawaii Shit Nightmare” of a  pull over sweater. There are even a few of my logos that I have designed for my shops/blogs featured on this ghastly thing. I have contacted Sheinside requesting them to remove the item for sale, or else legal action will be taken.
Honestly, the ball is in their court now. I’m so sick of seeing my artwork stolen when I bust my ass at a minimum wage job just barely trying to stay a float. But hey, at least someone is making $26.56 off a sweater that rips off my artwork.
Please help and reblog this post so the chances of it being removed are sooner rather than later, or at the very least educated people on art theft.
Oh and Sheinside, go fuck yourselves. ♡
"Everyone’s current favorite" More like "me want kawaii clothes,me no have money so me go buy from random dodgy looking site with weirdass name"
It’s not okay that people keep making excuses for supporting them. I don’t think many people look past the smoke and mirrors of free/cheap clothes to empathize with the designers whose work is blatantly stolen. And how fucking sad is that? There’s no heart and soul in sheinside, just a company trying to make a buck off of the heart and soul of real artists. They sponsor girls who are “cute and popular” online to make other girls want to be “like them” aka buy the clothes and it’s a really shitty cycle.


お誕生日おめでとうございます。1964.12.13. ~ 
You own a place in my heart. Forever.

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Garden of Words » Winter Scenery

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